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How To Boost Lead Generation Using Content?

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By Mehnur Baig, Content Writer at SlickFlo

“Content is King” was quoted by Bill Gates in 1996. It’s 2022 and the saying holds more weightage than ever.

Content needs to carry a voice and present the information to the reader in style. With informational and engaging content, one can determine the growth and success of their business. Content lets you define your business’ narrative, establish credibility, build trust, and improve its reputation. Nowadays around 77% of businesses have a content strategy. With high-quality content, you can provide value, educate and ultimately turn your visitors into customers by guiding them down the marketing funnel.

How does content help attract strangers and turns them into visitors?

Lead generation with content Attract strangers & convert them to visitors with blogs, videos, infographs & social media posts  Convert visitors to leads with web content, portfolio, CTA & webinars Close customers with email, proposals, demos & case studies Delight them to promoters with user manuals
  • Attract strangers: Creative content is about attracting potential prospects and landing them on the website page of your choice. With content, the strangers on the website get the opportunity to get to know the business and build a mutual relationship if they are able to find out the common interest. For example, if you are looking for content services and the website states that the business provides content writing services, it’s a win-win situation.

As per research, 73% of people admit to reading blog posts, while 27% read them thoroughly.

  • Convert visitors: If the content on the website is valuable, the visitors will then be willing to share their information to get updates or download that white paper that you might have put behind a gate. An effective strategy to attract visitors is to offer e-books, customer case studies, solution briefs, etc. When a visitor reads one of these premium contents, the business can add a CTA to highlight offers and links.
  • Qualify leads: With purpose-driven content and landing pages on a website, businesses can attract a high volume of leads. Make sure you have enough content and information about the visitor to identify the quality of the lead. This includes the type of lead, their intended product to buy, and thus maximizing the best sales opportunities. To keep a track of the qualified leads, it is important to find out the correlation between the lead and your ideal buyer’s persona. Targeted pieces of content will lead to a positive correlation. There is a difference between attracting customers to your website and engaging the right audience, after all.
  • Close the deal through lead nurturing: Some leads can go cold while making a purchase. It is important to automate the lead generation strategy by sending valuable information about the business to the consumers. The lead nurturing strategy will keep the business as a center of attraction until they are willing to buy.
  • Grow and retain promoters: When the website has succeeded in landing a new customer, the deal does not end. It is also important to keep your leads entertained with valuable content such as onboarding resources, product documentation, support articles, training materials, etc. If the customer does not find anything new, you will probably lose a lead.

Benefits of content on your website

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  • Better traction on different platforms: Leveraging on the power of social media, post custom content on each platform and redirect the traffic to your desired webpage. High incoming traffic on your website will increase the probability of converting more target audiences into leads. With quality content, you can create a great digital presence for your business on different platforms.
  • Builds trust with visitors: By creating informative content, a business can interact with its potential customers and build a relationship with them. Providing the right type of content on a website can answer some queries of the visitors. This helps in building trust and will eventually improve your brand’s reputation.
  • Engage using content: Content can influence the one who reads it. To creating customer-centric content for your website, it should be tailored according to the target audience. Every business has different nature and providing the visitors with relevant content helps them make quick and educated purchases. Addressing the specified audience will bring the right type of leads to your business.
  • Increase online visibility: If your business has great online visibility, it is more likely to build trust and authority with the audience. A developed content strategy acts as a bridge between Google ranking and your business development.

Around 93% of B2B marketers use content marketing or are actively investing in content marketing.

  • Position your brand as an authority in the industry: With quality content, a business can create authority online. In the era of technology, the marketing of a business helps a brand gets a higher rank in searched results. Content marketing allows a business to get a higher rank in searched results.


Having a content strategy has become a necessity for the modern era.

With content marketing, a business can set itself apart from its competitors. Being the heart of digital marketing, content plays an important role in connecting consumers with the brand. With valuable content, not only the visitors are turned into leads, but it also boosts visibility and helps businesses build stronger relationships with their leads and customers.